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The New York Photo Festival

The inaugural New York Photo Festival (May 14–May 18, 2008) promises to deliver a dynamic, high-quality event in what is arguably the photographic capital of the world. The festival will celebrate both contemporary photography and the creative, inspirational talents of the people who produce this work.

The New York Photo Festival will be headquartered in DUMBO, an off-the-beaten-track, but easily accessible neighborhood on the Brooklyn waterfront between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

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2008 Nominees

One Winner and two Honorable Mentions will be selected from the nominees below, to be announced at the May 16 awards ceremony at the New York Photo Festival. Congratulations to all nominees for their excellent work!

In addition, we are pleased to announce that the winners of the photography awards will each receive a Canon PowerShot G9 Digital Camera, courtesy of Canon USA.

For tickets, go here (space is limited).

Advertising - Series
Allison Krupke
Chase Jarvis
Flynn Larsen
John Offenbach
Marlene Marino
Matt Hoyle
Raul Krebs
Shi Xiaofan
Simone Lewis

Advertising - Single
Carol Friedman
David Harriman
Dominik Sklarzyk
Jason Bell
Jill Greenberg
Joel Redman
Julia Horn
Minori Murakami
Paul Elledge

Editorial - Series
Alex Tehrani
Benny Snyder
Bill Carwin
Brent Stirton
Donald Weber
Ed Kashi
Elliott Erwitt
Espen Rasmussen
Jan Banning
Marcin Łobaczewski
Marlene Marino
Michele Borzoni
Moises Saman
Myriam Abdelaziz
Nigel Parry
Paolo Pellegrin
Paula Bronstein
Sally Peterson

Editorial - Single
Alana Cundy
Benjamin Rusnak
Benny Snyder
Bob Bovin
Chenoa Maxwell
Deirdre Brennan
Ed Kashi
Filippo Mutani
Francesco Tonelli
Igor Stevanovic
Larry Louie
Lyle Owerko
Maciej Nabrdalik
Marc Yankus
Marcin Łobaczewski
Sarah Bones
Tanit Sakakini

Personal work/
fine art - Series

Aaron Hobson
Adam Bell
Andres Gonzalez
Anthony Blasko
Bill Armstrong
Borkur Sigthorsson
Christian Patterson
Edgar Martins
Greg Merhar
Gregg LeFevre
Harold Glit
kyoko hamada
Leslie Sokolow
Mark W. Mann
Martine Fougeron
Michael Corridore
Santiago Mostyn
Will Steacy

Personal work/
fine art - Single

Andrea Sohler
Cesar Lechowick
Filippo Mutani
Gabriela Herman
Jessica Todd Harper
Juliana Beasley
Marc Yankus
Matthew Weston
Melanie Einzig
Noah Greenberg
Paulo Roberto
Rob Hann
Shannon Fagan
Sian Kennedy
Sinisa Vlajkovic
Tanit Sakakini
Ugnius Gelguda
Willamain Somma

Photography Book
Amy Stein
Anders Birch
Ashley Gilbertson
Christoph Bangert
Danny Wilcox-Frazier
Edmund Clark
Jessica Dimmock
Jessica Todd Harper
Jill Greenberg
Jim Reed
Joan Villaplana
Johnny Miller
KayLynn Deveney
Lisa M. Robinson
Martine Fougeron
Michael Cogliantry
Naho Kubota
Paolo Pellegrin
Pierre Crocquet
Romain Blanquart


Student Categories

Student Editorial - Series
Christina Clusiau
David Black
Jesse Slotterback
Monique Jaques
Steph Plourde-Simard
Tobias Kruse
Tzu Cheng Liu

Student Editorial - Single
Alexander Gilfillan
Joannie Lafrenière
Kevin Kunishi
Laurent Peter
Markus Linderoth
Paul Patrick Borhaug
Tiana Markova-Gold
Toni Greaves

Personal work/
fine art - Series

Adam Rose
Anna Skladmann
Annie Thornton
Brett Bell
Bruno Quinquet
Christina Clusiau
Christina Tisi-Kramer
Daniel Holfeld
Erica Mcdonald
Jason Reblando
Katarina Wos
Kelly Heck
Laura Glabman
Lisa Cook
Rick Odell
Satomi Shirai
Sheila Griffin
Tobias Kruse
Veilhan Clémence
Yanwu YUAN

Personal work/
fine art - Single

Alana Celii
Andy Tew
Becky Holladay
Douglas Emery
Emily Burke
Harlan Erskine
Jasper Sanidad
Jill Cole
John Sloan
Josephine Friedrich
Kelci McIntosh
Lara Wechsler
Lisa Albert
Maki Ueno
Michael Ott
Rhea Karam
Rhian Walters
Ruthie Shapiro
Steve Coleman
Tzvetana Tchakarova

Student Photography Book
Bryan Lear
Collin LaFleche
Emily Burke
Tiana Markova-Gold
Yseult Chehata


New York Photo Awards – Evening Ceremony, May 16th, 2008
This spring, the inaugural NYPHA ceremony will take place during the New York Photo Festival.  Located in the St. Ann's Theater space in DUMBO and designed to accommodate 500 persons, this hosted event will feature guest speakers, a/v projections of winning works, presentation of awards and subsequent acceptance speeches. Sixteen category Winners and thirty-two Honorable Mentions, selected by the Jury of the NYPHA, will have their works projected and be publicly recognized before an audience of peers and industry luminaries. 

Sixteen Category Winners: 
Editorial- Single and Series
Personal Work/ Unpublished/ Fine Art- Single and Series
Advertising- Single and Series
Photography Book
Multimedia- Photo and Video

NYPHA Student Awards:
Editorial- Single and Series
Personal Work/ Unpublished/ Fine Art- Single and Series
Photography Book
Multimedia- Photo and Video

Thirty-two Honorable Mentions:
Two Honorable Mentions will be selected from each of the above categories.

Most importantly, the New York Photo Awards will provide its participants with significant media exposure. All category Winners and Honorable Mentions will be eligible for inclusion in the New York Photo Awards Annual, a beautifully produced series to be published by powerHouse Books.

The New York Photo Awards promises to provide an unprecedented platform of exposure to the top talent in the creative, editorial, fine art, and fashion spheres of influence in the photo capital of the world; make your mark today.


Meet The Jury
Tim Barber
Elisabeth Biondi
Frank Evers
Lauren Greenfield
William Hunt
Charlie Melcher
Daniel Power
Jody Quon
Benjamin Trigano
Meagan Ziegler-Haynes

Meredith Birkett
Snorri Bros
Greg Clayman
Lauren Greenfield
Frank Evers
Bjarke Myrthu

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