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Bob Bovin

News 2007

November 28 2007.

Our first photos from the Snow Hill expedition

Ingrid and I has just come back from a visit to the Emperor Penguins at Snow Hill in Antarctica. We were on an ice breaker expedition to the Antarctic continent (Bob's 7th, Ingrid was there earlier)and saw all four penguins living in this cold environment. The climate is rough and the ice situation has not been so difficult since the beginning of the 70-ties. The ice breaker could not come closer than 25 miles from the rockery and it took 30 minutes by helicopter from the ice breaker to the penguins south of the coastline of Snow Hill. The landscape was fantastic with in-frozen icebergs in the winter ice. All in shades of blue.

Emperor pengiuns hug

My dear friend
Antarctic is wunderful in sun shine, but frightening in bad weather. We past an orcane on our way back through the Drake. Here you can have a show of some of our best photos from the cold south.

November 28 2007.

The Svalbard exhibition in Bankeryd is on show.

Ingrid and I have hanged the exihibition at The Scandinavian Photo AB gallery in Bankeryd. We had great help from the staff at the company and even the owner looked at our pictures. The gallery is very nice as one can see at the picture.


Scandinavian Photo AB Gallery in Bankeryd, Sweden
Svalbard is the most north arctic land you can visit. Here you can have a the photos shown at the galley in Bankeryd. The exhibition will be up until the end of January 2008. My work in photography is also presented at the home page of the company

October 2 2007.

Svalbard, the indicator of global warming?

The polar bears living near the north pole of the earth, will be important to study in order to understand the progress of a possible global warming. Ingrid and Bob Bovin took part in a photographic expedition to the north east ice landscape of Svalbard in September the year 2007. The ship, named Stockholm, with captain Per and his staff, made an unforgettable visit in the pack ice possible where they could see more than 20 polar bears in the different situations and weather. This is a collection of images, selected from more than 6000, which can be used to illustrate the situation of living for the polar bears to day.


Where is all ice?
Svalbard is the most north arctic land you can visit. Here you can have a look at what Ingrid and Bob focused the cameras at. You can also take a look at Ingrid's video film the the trip here

August 23 2007.

The Robin made my summer

The summer in Sweden is wonderful, some sun, some rain and a temperature of just above 20 degree C. We spent two weeks at Övre Uggelfors in Riddarhyttan. It is a small village, in the old time a mining center, but now days a tourist stop. The forest, lakes and nature is worth visiting, but most people stop just for a coffee. My summer was made when a young Robin played around in a busch looking for insects. I photographed the youngster for more than an hour at the distance of less than two meter.

Young Robin

Young Robin
The next year you visit Sweden, please make a stop at Riddarhyttan. Here you can have a look at what I focused my camera at.

May 3 2007.

Signs in situations in the US 2007

It was impossible to get a flight out of Newark International airport on the 15 th of April. The rain was falling like a wall over New York. The streets flooding and it was cold. A ferry would be better to use passing over the street. Most flights were cancelled, so also mine, and I was standby in the afternoon. Placed on 5th place on the standby list I was hoping for a chance to escape out of NY. At the gate waiting in overtime with other fellow passenger suddenly a rugged fellow with two suite cases turned up and showed am id. He was quickly passed in to the plane before all waiting. My neighbor waiting fellow said it was a US marshal. He was ready to take out all mass destruction items. I was glad to get an over night room at Marriott that night.

Elvis singer in New York

Elvis singer in New York
The next day I was able get plane out at none. The area around the Arlington is rather typical south west small town. Right angel streets and lots of car sales. The Division road all the way to Fort Worth, a modern town with a living center, is showing up a rather nostalgic US. I live at Bread and Breakfast, Sanford house, in a very nice old setting. Good breakfast and clean room. Antic rug in the bath room! I visited a very nice art festival in Fort Worth with very high standard craftsman ship. Nice photo exhibitions, beautiful silver smith work and interesting paintings. The center of the town was modern with shops, bars and old and new houses. I recommend a visit. I had lunch in a book store. I know that Americans are very clear, but I did not know that they had to tell that a door is a door.

Here you can have a look at some of the "signs in situations" I always look for when I travel.

April 1 2007.

14 000 Cranes at the Lake Hornborga in Sweden!

The small lake Hornborga, situated in southern Sweden, 150 km north east of the town Gothenborg, is the target of cranes coming to Sweden each spring. Visitors to Sweden, in the beginning of April, should not miss this top event of the nature.
Stay over night in the small motel named Ålleberg, after the mountain near by, because the restaurant serves the best of meat balls, with potatoes and lingon-berry.
The visit to the cranes must start before 6 AM and the raise of the sun. More than 10000 cranes come in from the shore side of the lake, where they rest in the night. They will land on the south side of the like, where food is supplied, before the sun goes up. The dancing of the cranes is so wonderful to lock at that you will stay until 8 PM, when the cranes move back out to the shore sides for the night sleep out of the reach of predators.
Now its time for you to move back to the motel and have a beer, food and a good night sleep. The statistics of the cranes at lake Hornborga can be followed at the site of the lake Hornborga.

Cranes at lake Hornborga

Cranes flying in from the lake at 6.22 AM

The modern digital cameras are fantastic tools for taking photos of this early morning event. The photo above is recorded with a Canon EOS 20D and the 100-400 L IS zoom lens. I used the 1.4X extender so the effective focal length became almost 900 mm. With the ISO 800 the exposure was f/8 at 1/30 sec. The good old analog film camera would never catch a photo like that.

Here you can have a look at a small selection of my 800 images recorded during one day at Hornborga.

March 13 2007.

The Tawny owl chick can fly!!

A family of Tawny owl is living in the park close to the Dome in Lund. The two small chicks can bee seen in daytime and has been very popular to visit. More people look at the birds then visiting the art museum of the town. The local news paper has an article each day about the chicks. Five days after the first pictures were taken both the chicks can claim the trees and fly. No danger from the ground living animals exit anymore.

March 8 2007.

Owls in the center of Lund

A family of Tawny owl is living in the park close to the Dome in Lund. The two small chicks can bee seen in daytime and has been very popular to visit. Groups of small pre-school kids and school children can be seen studying the sleeping chicks, very close up. The small chick fall down from time to time and helping hands put them up in the tree again. I do not know much about birds, but to my surprise the small chicks have very clearly blue eyelids.

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