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Bob Bovin

Why e-books?


Save the trees for production of oxygen.

Save the trees - read e-books!

All trees, including the tropical rainforest, on our planet are essential for the life process. One small step on the way to save the environment on earth is to maintain as many trees as possible in the biosphere.
Modern society waste many trees for the production of books and news papers, but new methods for spread of culture and information are available through electronic storage. The distribution of e-books opens a new way of communication and is increasingly becoming more and more popular.

My first e-book, En skola 1959, is now for sale at Swedish net-book stores and more informations can be found here.

The second e-book, in Swedish, about the litter found in the bitumen of the New York streets is published and can be found in the net-book stores. About 400 000 000 years from now the litter may be found as a fossil.
Have a look here!

The third e-book, in Swedish, about funny pictures is published and can now be found in the net-book stores.
Have a look here.

The e-book about the Berlin Wall falls, in Swedish of Jan and Bob Bovin can now be found in your net-book store. The book is a photographic essay.
Have a look here.

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