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Bob Bovin


My first book, New York remains, is now for sale at Amazon.co.uk. A preview of the ten first pages can be seen here.

I have published my new photo book Signs in situations. A book with photographs of situations in life, often including signs, for more than 50 years. My hope is that the book will light up your days. You can buy the book here.

Photographs on this site belongs to a Swedish company, Bovin Design Hb, which is tax registered in Sweden.

Photographs for publication
Photographs for publication in print or on web can be ordered from this site. All projects presented here on this site include a great number of images, much more than can be shown here. Please let me know if you need photographs for a special theme and I will send you more information. The price of the photographs follows a national and international price list established in Sweden.

Size and Cost for prints
Prints will be made on 305x450 mm or 505x755 mm papers. The size of the printed area will vary, depending of course on the format of the image itself. Some images want to be big, some want to be smaller. Some want a lot of white space around the image; others don't mind filling a sheet of paper. You'll be leaving this to my judgment. The prints have the price; U.S. $65 or U.S. $125. This includes the cost of the print, packaging and shipping anywhere in the world. Airmail will be used.

Old processes prints
The old process prints of cyanotype, kallitype, gum print and platinum/palladium prints are original hand made one of its kind prints and will cost much more. In average it takes a week or more to make a final print. Each print, with its size, is individually priced.

Order a print
Ordering a print is simple. E-mail me and let me know which photograph on this site you would like. You should then pay to our banks international account and the day it arrives I will mail out your finished and signed print. Full details on where to pay will be included with my response to your email. If you have any questions before placing an order, please don't hesitate to contact me.

The book Signs in Situations

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