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Bob Bovin

News 2008

September 17 2008.

Picture of Polar bear in Hinlopen, Svalbard has been short-listed in the Go Beyond Portraits of Adventure competition

Polar bear in Hinlopen

Polar bear in Hinlopen, Svalbard
The pictures we recorded during our trip with the boat Stockholm, north east of Svalbard, last fall 2007, have got a lot of recognition. In the Land Rover photo competition --- Go Beyond Portraits of Adventure --- the above photo has been selected for the short list of evaluation.

May 22 2008.

Elected at Third place for the EISA "Global warming" award in Sweden.

The swedish foto journal Foto elected my collection of photograps illustrating the global warming phenomena to get the third place award in the EISA competion.

Polar bear hugs the ice

My dear ice
Arctic is wunderful place in summer, but frightening when you see the global warming effect on the ice. Will there be ice enough for the polar bears to hunt for seals? Here you can have a show of the photos I sent for the competition.

May 7 2008.

We have been selected nominee at New York Photo Festival 200

One of our best photos from the trip to Svalbard last fall has been selected as a nominee for the class Editorial single. My image was selected among 3,500 submissions and 15,000 images from 60+ countries worldwide. The winners will be presented at a cermony in New York on the 16th of May. Added later: Bob was not elected as winner of his class.

Polar bear at Svalbard @ Polar bear at Svalbard

Where is the ice

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